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Frozen and Burst Pipes in Southern New Jersey


If you are a resident of New Jersey, you know that the winter months can bring about below freezing temperatures. Sudden and drastic changes in temperature, combined with poor pipe ventilation, can leave you with frozen and burst pipes.

Frozen pipes are very prone to bursting, and when that happens, your home can be prone to severe damage. Needless to say, don’t let winter get the best of you. The smartest choice you can make is to call Raynor Electric to avoid frozen and burst pipes this winter!

Frozen Pipe Prevention

The experts at Raynor Electric have seen and repaired hundreds of frozen and burst pipes since our inception nearly 15 years ago. We are here today to tell you that these plumbing catastrophes can be avoided, thanks to maintenance services from Raynor.

Below is a list of a few tips that can prevent your pipes from freezing in the future:

  • Proper insulation is a vital factor to ensure that your pipes do not freeze in the future.
  • Heat cables, heat tape or heat wraps can be applied to your pipes for more extensive protection. Know that Raynor Electric carries only top quality heat cables and tape for maximum reliability and effectiveness.
  • Water pipes attached to garden hoses and other outdoor appliances are more prone to freezing. They aren’t exposed to your home’s indoor heating like the rest of your plumbing system. This makes shutting off and draining the water leading to all outside faucets critical to preventing your pipes from freezing in the winter time.

Frozen and Burst Pipe Repair Features

Making sure that your pipes are properly maintained will help with preventing frozen pipes, but sometimes this is an unavoidable occurrence. When you are plagued with frozen pipes, a fast response time could save them from bursting. That’s why, at Raynor Electric, we pride ourselves on the fact that we provide prompt pipe repairs in the event of frozen or burst pipes.

Never attempt to fix frozen or burst pipes by yourself. Contacting Raynor Electric for frozen or burst pipe repair service is the best way to keep you safe and protect your home from further damage.

The Raynor Electric heating experts are the top New Jersey frozen and burst pipe repair specialists. Call us to learn more or get our team on the job today!

Why Choose Raynor Electric for Your Heating Needs this Season

Raynor Electric has all of your furnace, boiler, and heat pump needs in one place. Whether you need your home's heating fixed fast, a new device installed, an existing appliance serviced, or an upgrade to your entire system, Raynor is there with the tools and skills you need to do the job right. That's why we're successful, and it's why our customers have peace of mind every winter that your system can withstand the New Jersey cold.

So for any heating service problem, call the Raynor Electric professionals to get smart solutions today!