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Boiler Services in Southern New Jersey


Your boiler is what stands between you and the New Jersey cold every winter — which means it has a heck of a job to do!  Your boiler heats your home with either steam or hot water.  The steam boiler method works by distributing steam via pipes to radiators, and the hot water boiler heats your home by forcing hot water to baseboard radiators or radiant floor systems.  Regardless of which one your home has, it’s a given that you rely heavily on this unit to keep you comfortable in the cold months — without it, you’d be left out in the cold.

That’s why you should always have your furnace serviced by the best technicians in on the market, the Raynor Electric professionals.  We can help you install, maintain, repair, and even replace your boiler so that you never need to worry about being without heat again.  Our technicians have all of the tools and skills to make sure you have the perfect system for your home, saving your time and money on all of your boiler service needs.  We can maintain, repair, replace, and install any boiler and keep you up and running all winter long.

If you’ve noticed any of the following problems with your boiler, call Raynor right away:

  • Inadequate heat, or complete breakdown
  • Uneven distribution of heat through your house
  • Loud noises from your boiler
  • Pilot flame is yellow instead of blue
  • Signs of leaking or excessive condensation
  • Odor in your boiler room

These could all be signs that your boiler is either improperly set or in disrepair.  When your boiler is working too hard to keep your home comfortable, it could be at risk of severe damage.  Don’t wait until the dead of winter to realize your boiler needs help.

Boiler problems? Call Raynor Electric for the solutions today!

Why Choose Raynor Electric for Your Heating Needs this Season

Raynor Electric has all of your furnace, boiler, and heat pump needs in one place. Whether you need your home's heating fixed fast, a new device installed, an existing appliance serviced, or an upgrade to your entire system, Raynor is there with the tools and skills you need to do the job right. That's why we're successful, and it's why our customers have peace of mind every winter that your system can withstand the New Jersey cold.

So for any heating service problem, call the Raynor Electric professionals to get smart solutions today!