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Boiler Repair and Maintenance in Southern New Jersey


What’s worse than a broken-down boiler in the middle of winter? Even though most boilers are built to be durable, they inevitably begin to deteriorate if they aren’t properly maintained.  As they age, boilers lose their energy efficiency and start to rack up larger utilities bills — finally, they can even break down, leaving you without any heat at all!

However, you can avoid boiler deterioration by regularly giving your boiler the maintenance and repair service it needs. Raynor Electric can provide the routine tune-ups and fixes that your steam or hot water boiler needs to stay up and running all winter long.

Boiler Maintenance Service

Manufacturers recommend that you have your boiler inspected and maintained by a professional at least once a year. When was the last time you did a boiler check?

Call Raynor, and we’ll set your boiler right, no matter what state it’s in.  Our professional service checks are completely comprehensive and include:

  • Thermostat check
  • Safety control adjustment
  • Cleaning/replacement of broken parts
  • A complete system check

For one-stop-shopping on everything your boiler needs to keep running strong, call Raynor today and schedule your boiler maintenance so you’re prepared when winter arrives!

Boiler Repair Service

In certain cases, a boiler will simply stop doing its job properly and will need a quick, smart solution.  Call Raynor for an expert to come and perform a professional repair on your heating equipment if you notice any of the following issues

  • Heating is inadequate or completely stopped
  • Pilot flame is yellow
  • Boiler is leaking or visibly rusted
  • Utility bills increase despite consistent usage
  • Loud noise coming from machine

When you see the signs, call sooner rather than later!  Boiler issues can escalate into serious problems quickly, and you can’t afford a single night without heat in the dead of the bitter cold New Jersey winter.  Get those problems solved right away!

Boiler Repair and Maintenance Benefits

Neglecting a boiler in need of repair could cause severe and lasting damage to the entire unit. When you get your boiler repaired right away, though, you can:

  • Save money on utility bills
  • Increase your energy efficiency
  • Have peace of mind

The experienced and personable Raynor Electric will get the job done right on the first visit, that way you can rest easy knowing your boiler will be operating at peak performance all through this winter and into the next.

Call Raynor Electric today for all of your boiler service needs!

Why Choose Raynor Electric for Your Heating Needs this Season

Raynor Electric has all of your furnace, boiler, and heat pump needs in one place. Whether you need your home's heating fixed fast, a new device installed, an existing appliance serviced, or an upgrade to your entire system, Raynor is there with the tools and skills you need to do the job right. That's why we're successful, and it's why our customers have peace of mind every winter that your system can withstand the New Jersey cold.

So for any heating service problem, call the Raynor Electric professionals to get smart solutions today!